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Giving docs the ‘capability’ they need to care for patients can fight burnout
STAT | May 08, 2018
How AI Is Taking the Scut Work Out of Health Care
Harvard Business Review | Mar 05, 2018
How technology can help community hospitals succeed in 2018 and beyond
Becker’s Hospital Review | Jan 05, 2018
How Technology Can Alleviate Healthcare’s Workload
Techonomy | Nov 28, 2017
Population “hype”? What you need to know
Becker’s Hospital Review | Nov 27, 2017
Giving Doctors What They Need to Avoid Burnout
Harvard Business Review | Oct 31, 2017
Navigating the cloud for technology that fits
Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review | Oct 03, 2017
Ripe for disruption: Technology is changing the way providers deliver care
Health Data Management | Jul 21, 2017
A world without EHR certification
Healthcare Dive | Jun 28, 2017
Jonathan Bush on what everyone gets wrong about health care
POLITICO Pulse Check | May 31, 2017
As Patients Take On More Cost, Will Providers Shoulder The Burden?
Health Affairs | May 04, 2017
The sky's the limit: athenahealth's Adam Weinstein on the future of AI in healthcare
Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review | Apr 18, 2017
The Great American Medicine Show
NPR (Radio Open Source) | Apr 13, 2017
For National Doctors Day, let's do more than say 'thanks'
Healthcare Dive | Mar 30, 2017
Do what high-performing physician networks do: Make more money
Healthcare IT News | Feb 14, 2017
Jonathan Bush: Time for a health IT arms race
Healthcare IT News | Jan 30, 2017
Dear Donald Trump, Jonathan Bush Has a Tweet For You on Inauguration Day
Fortune | Jan 19, 2017
Health care must ditch its attachment to outdated software
STAT | Jan 10, 2017
Giving Patients an Active Role in Their Health Care
Harvard Business Review | Nov 21, 2016
Electronic health records ‘inflict enormous pain’ on doctors. It’ll take more than stopwatches to learn why
STAT | Sep 06, 2016
Monopolies On Medical Knowledge And Information Are Unethical
Forbes | Sep 01, 2016
How America’s Next President Can Improve Health Care
Fortune (Medium) | Aug 26, 2016
Study Shows Doctor Engagement Critical For Obama To Reach His Health Reform Goals
Forbes | Jul 12, 2016
Doctors' Declaration Of Independence
Forbes | Jul 02, 2016
Playing catch-up in hospital innovation
TechCrunch | Jun 23, 2016
Four Ways to Heal Our Broken Healthcare System
Forbes | Jun 14, 2016
Community hospitals: New models for success
Becker’s | May 25, 2016
The future of the hospital is the network
Becker’s Hospital Review | Apr 20, 2016
Commentary: Cut the strings on software
Modern Healthcare | Apr 06, 2016
Four steps to a winning accountable care strategy
Health Management Technology | Mar 29, 2016
What Healthcare Can Learn From Silicon Valley
The Health Care Blog | Mar 16, 2016
EMR Data show: The ACA has Improved Access to Care for Low-Income Patients
The Health Care Blog | Mar 02, 2016
This holiday season, I want to shop for health care
Fusion | Dec 10, 2015
How to Make Electronic Health Records an Asset Instead of a Burden
Harvard Business Review | Dec 08, 2015
The CEO of Athenahealth on the Role of Anger in Starting New Businesses
HBR | Dec 01, 2015
Interoperability: Faster Than We Think – An Interview with Ed Park
The Health Care Blog | Nov 11, 2015
The Time-Warp
The Health care Blog | Oct 21, 2015
Technology Must Let Doctors Be Doctors
US News | Oct 19, 2015
3 keys to Shifting How We Pay For Health Care
Harvard Business Review | Sep 25, 2015
(Even) More Disruption, Please!!
The Health Care Blog | Sep 08, 2015
DIY Disruption is the Easiest Way to Innovate
TechCrunch | Sep 04, 2015
A crowdsourced view into engaging patients
Healthcare IT News | Sep 01, 2015
The Hidden Costs of Healthcare IT
Forbes | Aug 17, 2015
How practices get patients to use their portals
The Advisory Board | Aug 03, 2015
The truth about patient portal use
The Advisory Board | Jul 20, 2015
Redefining Total Cost of Ownership for Health Care
HFM blog | Jul 19, 2015
Patient engagement: Results from a focus group
Becker’s | May 21, 2015
Moving health care into a new state of openness
Modern Healthcare | Feb 13, 2015
Fixing Our Healthcare Disconnect
Techonomy | Dec 22, 2014
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